Wellbeing is a journey – not a destination

The choices you make each day move you either towards or away from enjoying optimal wellbeing – and this is an ongoing process throughout life. To me it is, and always will be, a WIP … Wellbeing in Progress.

My journey has taught me that how energised and healthy you feel depends upon how much you choose to engage with progressing towards a better version of yourself. Whether that’s feeling calmer, stronger, fitter, or more energised, you continue to work on it, even though along the way it can be difficult or uncomfortable; because the experience is worth it.

With that in mind – how authentic and nourishing (or depleting) are your everyday choices? How energetic and vitalised do you want to feel? What are your health and wellbeing goals? How often do you invest in feeling not just good – but great?

My name is Jo Herbert-Doyle, and I support others who want to optimise their wellbeing – to enjoy more energy, manage the stressors of everyday life, to be calm and centred, to live better. I do this by tailoring bio-psycho-social-energetic and lifestyle medicine solutions to each persons unique situation, because everyone is different.

I am an integrative naturopath, herbalist, reiki master teacher, wellbeing coach and mentor; a clinical therapist, everyday yogini, writer and endlessly curious seeker who enjoys exploring the world and meeting the people who live here. I’ve had the opportunity to live and work in the UK, New Zealand and Australia, and am now enjoying being in Hong Kong. My own journey is one of exploration, new experiences, ongoing learning, reflection and discovery – and my purpose is to share what I can with others who also want to live each day well.