For new clients interested in how I work – this is a snapshot of the consultations and therapies I currently offer in Hong Kong. For appointments please visit the contacts page.

Integrative naturopathic, herbal, nutritional, energetic and mind-body medicine consultation, with wellbeing and accountability coaching

Initial – allow 1 – 1.5 hours including dispensing time.

Follow-up – allow 40 – 60 minutes including dispensing time.

Qualified as a naturopath, herbalist, nutritionist and with a range of additional ‘tools’ and learnings I bring all of this awareness and experience to each consultation. My approach is to view each person as an integrative whole of body-mind-spirit and am qualified to work with each and all of these aspects in a truly integrative way. Though many of my tools (e.g. herbs and nutritionals) work on the physical/biochemical, I have a particular interest in mind-body and energetic medicine therefore consider the wider impact of all therapies used and recommendations given, and am not limited to these options if you wish to work in a different way.

I am happy to support anyone looking to optimise their wellbeing using a natural approach. My focus is on first understanding how you create, hold and use your energy, ranging from cellular bioenergetics to how you interact with your environment  – as these seemingly little things actually form the basis of how you experience the world and how you feel. That said, the foundations of physical wellbeing and health are also important, as any lack can result in fatigue and imbalance. For example, I consider gut health, digestive capacity and dietary choices as very important; and hydration, movement and how well you support your nervous system as equally significant information. I am also interested in how you proactively manage any life stressors; if you are experiencing any feelings of worry or anxiety; and how often you practice relaxation techniques, and balance your energy levels  – these are all important factors related to health and wellbeing.

A key part of the naturopathic philosophy is to encourage you to take responsibility for you own health journey; and whilst it’s fair to say my mantra is “you cannot supplement yourself out of a poor lifestyle”, I remain client-centred and solution-focussed. As such, at least in the short-term I can offer a recommendation for any natural interventions that I identify as being of benefit, such as herbs or nutrition, as well as an accountability coaching style that supports you in making the changes required to optimise your wellbeing long-term. The aim is always to support you in ultimately achieving better health.

Common physical imbalances I see in practice include sleep issues, fatigue, stress and anxiety, gut disturbance (gas, bloating, irregular bowel habits), pain, recurrent colds/flu and those wishing improve their body composition by losing body-fat (I specialise in naturopathic ketogenic programs). However for those ‘feeling stuck’, looking for spiritual growth, need assistance with decision making, or who are ready to explore their life direction and all aspects of their wellbeing in a more profound way I typically recommend Reiki and/or an Energetic Kinesiology session to facilitate this.

I am committed to continue to upgrade my skills and qualifications as they pertain to health and wellbeing to further inform my clinical experience. For those new to the naturopathic paradigm and approach to healthcare I also have an article that offers more general detail here.

Reiki Therapy

Allow 60 minutes

I recommend Reiki therapy as part of everyones’ wellbeing (e.g. every 3-4 weeks for stress-reduction, balance and restoration, and weekly sessions to address a specific imbalance). A Reiki session not only induces the inherent relaxation response of the physical body, with all the many benefits that come with being in a deeply relaxed state, but my personal approach also facilitates the balancing of the subtle anatomy – that which is referred to as the meridian and chakra systems in traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine respectively.

In my experience, a session with a Reiki Master is something that can effectively reduce the impact of everyday life stressors, as well as contribute to all aspects of wellbeing. As something I have practiced for more than two decades, Reiki has proven itself valuable for my own wellbeing as well as for others.

Whilst everyone experiences Reiki differently (and this experience typically deepens over time and with frequency of sessions) my connection to Reiki has grown to be highly intuitive when working with others. As such, any insights gained during a session can be shared with you. For those new to Usui Reiki, more information can be found here.

Holistic Massage Therapy

Allow 60 minutes (90 minute sessions also available)

Restoring the mind-body-spirit axis can also be achieved via holistic massage. This style of mind-body work is suitable for anyone looking to rebalance, relax and restore as part of their overall wellbeing strategy. Based upon many years of studying and practicing different complimentary techniques, the resultant therapy is a smooth, flowing, medium-firm style using grounding aromatherapy oils and incorporating specific hand and foot energy points. As an experienced Reiki Master I find the energetic quality of each massage is unique to each person and each treatment; yet all enjoy increased balance within the body, mind and spirit with improved chi flow.

Holistic massage therapy can benefit anyone, but I particularly encourage those who may find other self-directed relaxation techniques, such as meditation, more challenging due to overactive thought processes; or those who find it difficult to relax the physical body even though they want to. Massage therapy such as this can be a very mindful experience, helping each person to tune into how they are at any given moment; and over time gain an increased level of mind-body awareness. For more information on holistic massage therapy click here.


Allow 60-75 minutes for the initial consultation, then 45-60 minutes for the first follow-up visit

Following this: weekly accountability coaching sessions are 20-30 minutes each

(NB: I recommend a second ‘accountability’ weigh-in each week – these last 10-15 minutes and are at no charge if booked in advance) 

As a naturopathic nutritionist with a background in wellbeing coaching and nutrition psychology I have found the greatest clinical success with those open to following a ketogenic-style approach to reduce body fat and improve body composition.

The program I offer is a modified ketogenic-style eating plan that is far removed from the Americanised ‘dirty keto’ that has gained popularity in more recent years (a style of eating that can actually cause weight gain when not fully understood). My approach is based upon a healthy and sustainable eating plan teamed with ongoing accountability and behaviour change coaching. Drawing upon my knowledge and experience in this area I am straight-talking regarding what are helpful or unhelpful choices and able to ‘bust myths’ about all things keto you may have read, and about the food industry on the whole. All of this whilst also facilitating each clients personal journey to find their ‘why’ and become more mindful of their choices, what works for them and what doesn’t.

Informed by clinical experience and biochemical understanding, I have the additional advantage of being specifically qualified to know how and when to use a number of herbal and nutritional medicines to help overcome challenges and improve outcomes along the way, if these are required.