Why is this so important?

Because the choices you make each day move you either towards or away from creating the life you want to live; either towards or away from how you want to feel in body, mind and spirit.

With easily millions of choices to make in your life, it pays to be making conscious ones – not wandering mindlessly through life as though it happens to you, but engaged with your life, your goals, and having at least some idea of your chosen direction so you can walk your particular path with awareness…at least for now, even if you choose to change it in future.

My journey has taught me that how energised and healthy your body feels depends (with a few exceptions) upon the cumulative effects of all the choices you have made to this point; so whether you want to feel calmer, stronger, fitter, or more energised – you continue to have the choice to change what is not working for you and embrace that which does. You can also continue to work on your wellbeing goals, even though along the way it can be difficult or uncomfortable; because the experience as you make progress is worth it. Usually, all you need is some information, a plan, and the right mindset.

With that in mind, I’d like to ask you to reflect upon how authentic and nourishing (or depleting) are your everyday choices? How energetic and vitalised do you feel? Do you have physical, mental, emotional or spiritual goals? How often do you invest in feeling not just good – but great? Is your life one of purpose and meaning? Do you make conscious choices or does life ‘happen to you’?

My name is Jo Herbert-Doyle and I help others who want to make positive life changes – to further optimise their wellbeing, whatever that may look and feel like. Maybe it’s to enjoy more energy, be more resilient to the stressors of everyday life, to feel calm and centred, to simply live better. Perhaps you feel ‘stuck’ in spirit and unsure what is holding you back and want to find out ‘why’.

My approach is to first listen and then collaborate with you to create a personalised solution to your unique situation. For the body this may need naturopathic support in the form of lifestyle changes, foods, nutrients or herbal medicines; for the mind and spirit, I offer spiritual life coaching incorporating kinesiology to identify exactly where your energy blocks are, then use acupoint techniques, Reiki and personal insights gained to balance these once more.

I’m no stranger to transformation myself having lived, worked and studied in several countries, experimented with different eating styles, developed a regular yoga practice despite some physical challenges, and then finally transitioned from an omnivorous to a 100% plant-based diet in my 40s because it became the most conscious choice I could make for my health and wider environmental concerns. All of my collective experiences, my challenges, the things I have learnt — all influence my everyday life, my written work, and my wellness practice.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve also maintained a strong sense of exploration and curiosity about the many different worldviews and the wisdom in each. In particular, I developed an interest in the transpersonal and existential aspects of human experience from a relatively young age, and view each person as an integrated whole of body-mind-spirit-environment. As such, I approach my life and work within this framework.

Aside from this, I’m an everyday yogi, a hiker, an artist, a regular writer and an editor – it’s these latter creative skill-sets that connect me to a wider audience and allow me to share what I’ve learnt along the way with a global audience. If you’d like to browse any of these thoughts and musings over a coffee, a chai, or whatever nourishment takes your fancy – please do so. I hope you learn something new and perhaps reflect upon your path and how conscious your choices are. If you are in Hong Kong then you can also connect with me in person if you have something I can help you with. You will be welcome.

Be well


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