Wellbeing starts with gratitude

by | Feb 5, 2012 | Spirit

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Deciding what my first post was going to be was easy. I simply wanted to share probably the most beautiful and inspiring thing I know with you.
Firstly, since March 1997 (when I was first taught them) I have practised incorporating the five Reiki precepts and all their simplicity into my daily life as much as possible. It’s not always easy, but they help guide my choice of attitude.

Five Reiki Precepts

Today …

Do not anger

Do not worry

Express gratitude

Work with diligence

Be kind to others

(Translated from the memorial stone of Mikao Usui at the Seihoji Temple in Tokyo)

As you can see, one of these is to express gratitude, and it’s as easy as taking a moment every day to be thankful for all that you have rather than focusing on what you do not.

Expressing gratitude for something as simple as a blue sky, having a place to live, good food to eat, the ability to move without effort, or whatever it is that you have to be thankful for—this practice is a very effective way of training your thought patterns to a more positive state; getting some perspective about your life, and easing some of the impact of the life stressors we all experience.

With that in mind, I’d also like to share the following with you—It’s 9.56 minutes and worth every second, so make yourself comfortable and enjoy.

‘Nature’s beauty can be easily missed — but not through Louie Schwartzberg’s lens.’  



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