Introduction to advanced energy healing / esoteric acupuncture

by | Sep 3, 2012 | Spirit

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‘Advanced Energy Healer’ is the title awarded to non-acupuncturists once they have received training in esoteric acupuncture techniques under the guidance of Dr Mikio Sankey PhD, L.Ac.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) philosophy states that the Shen (spirit) of each person resides within their heart energy centre. The goal of each Advanced Energy Healing session is to balance the major chakras in order to strengthen the clients connection to their heart centre and allow them to raise their level of consciousness if ready to do so.

No needles needed

Fortunately, no needles are required to carry out the assessment and balancing of the major chakras. If you do not mind needles then you may also work with like an esoteric acupuncturist who receive the same training with Dr Sankey but who utilise very fine needles on each pattern point instead of essences.

Alternatively, acupressure may be used on the relevant pattern points. The outcome is the same with or without needles. The ‘patterns’ used in this modality are based upon sacred geometry, whilst the theory behind the pattern development is somewhat informed by the theosophical teachings of the Ageless Wisdom – practices of which are aimed towards spiritual evolution.

What to expect during an Advanced Energy Healing session 

Sessions involve the client lying down on a massage table, firstly face down and then face up, both positions of which enable the chakra analysis and appropriate patterns for the session to be carried out. Depending upon which pattern is used, clients may need to partially or completely disrobe (retaining underwear same as a massage though). Towels are used to cover you and keep you warm.

A guided visualisation may be facilitated during the initial back pattern (whilst you lie face down), depending upon whether this is deemed necessary on the day.

Clients are often left alone in the treatment room for a short while (15-20 minutes) to achieve the deep meditative state that enhances their healing session.  Upon the practitioner’s return to the room, the client is requested to turn over so that the front pattern may be put in place.

Sessions may be carried out as frequently as every 21 days, though many clients are balanced once monthly whilst continuing their meditation practice in-between in order to enhance the potential of each session.

Note: Should you be working with an acupuncturist trained in esoteric acupuncture then needles will be used during your session, in which case you will need to disrobe to your underwear and will be covered with towels around the needle positions.

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