For those interested in how I work — the following is a snapshot of the therapies I offer one-on-one in Hong Kong.

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My areas of practice

Naturopathy (Herbs/Nutrition) & Lifestyle Coaching

Spiritual Life Coaching & Transpersonal Kinesiology

Reiki & Energetic Medicine

Naturopathy (Herbs/Nutrition) & Lifestyle Coaching

Applying naturopathic philosophy with herbs, nutrition, energetic and mind-body medicine along with a transformative coaching style.

Initial – allow 1 – 1.25 hours, including dispensing time.

Follow-up – allow 40 – 60 minutes, including dispensing time.

What is naturopathy? It’s being nourished and nurtured by nature.

Qualified as a naturopath, herbalist, nutritionist, arts psychotherapist, reiki master, meditation teacher, energetic kinesiologist, wellness and spiritual life coach (amongst other things!); I blend my many years of study and personal inquiry with over two decades of practical experience in the wellness industry. As such, I not only understand each person to be an integrative whole of body-mind-spirit-environment but have chosen to become appropriately qualified to work with all of these aspects of the human experience.

Naturopathic and herbal medicine, when informed by both traditional and contemporary understanding, is an effective method of supporting physical and mental wellbeing, with wider benefits being felt on an emotional and spiritual level. As an advocate of collaborative therapeutic relationships, my aim is to both inform and support you during any change process with a holistic and transformative coaching style that can better help you achieve your wellbeing goals.

For those interested in viewing my qualifications you can do so here, and if you are new to the naturopathic system of medicine, I have an introductory article here.

Spiritual Life Coaching & Transpersonal Kinesiology

Allow 60-75 minutes

For those looking for spiritual growth, needing help with decision making, feeling unsure about life but don’t know why, or who are ready to explore their life direction and all aspects of their wellbeing in a more profound way, spiritual life coaching can help you connect to your inner wisdom. In each session, I also incorporate a transpersonal kinesiology method developed over several years along with acupoint therapy and reiki, to balance any energy flow imbalances located that are hindering you. This, along with insights gained during your session, can help you to move forward on your path better informed.

Transpersonal Kinesiology is an evolutionary style of kinesiology that explores matters of the transpersonal (beyond the self), spirit or higher self. This method uses muscle testing and biofeedback to connect your inner and unseen aspects with your outer world experience — allowing you to reflect upon what is revealed so you may use this to inform your future path.

I encourage those interested in going to this next level of self-discovery to come with an open mind and heart, and be prepared to process and reflect upon what is revealed each session to gain optimal insight. These sessions can be especially helpful for those feeling ‘stuck’ or lacking purpose, and seeking a deeper understanding of their transpersonal nature.

Seven major chakras on seated body

Reiki & Energetic Medicine

Allow 60-75 minutes 

Restoring the mind-body-spirit axis is also possible via energetic medicine. Reiki energy can help restore wellbeing and reduce feelings of stress and/or overwhelm. A session not only induces the inherent relaxation response of the physical body, with all the many benefits that come with being in a deeply relaxed alpha-wave state, but my personal approach also facilitates the balancing of the subtle anatomy — for example, the meridian and chakra systems, from traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine, respectively. With over two decades working with Reiki energy and having been attuned through to Reiki Master Teacher level, my connection has grown to be highly intuitive, with frequently profound insights I can share should you choose. For those new to the traditional Usui Reiki system, more information can read here.

For those interested in spiritual and conscious evolution, I also offer advanced energy healing by special appointment. More information on this unique modality can be found here. Please note these sessions are only booked after discussion with me on the suitability of each client. I choose not to use needles but use a unique topical oil blend on each chakra or acupoint as indicated.

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