I love to learn and grow in my awareness of topics of interest, so continue to read and study when time permits, and attend conferences and workshops each year. I don’t see this ever not being the case as there is so much I find fascinating or seek to understand.

Because of the integration of mind-body-spirit-environment, many of my learned skills and qualifications, when applied, impact the whole person. Nevertheless, the following list reflects the breadth of my interests, more formal studies and that which helps inform my personal life and professional practice.

I consider it very important that I am well qualified, widely informed, and continually growing myself when working holistically with others – as this allows me to better understand, adapt to, and meet each person’s needs.

What I draw upon…

Body (Physiological/Biochemical)

BHSc Naturopathy (SSNT) (DUX, High Distinction [First equiv.] & Academic Awards) (2011)
• Majors: Western Herbal (Botanical) Medicine, Clinical Nutrition
• Minors: Homoeopathy, Iridology, Celloids, Essences
Diploma in Yogic Nutrition (Online) (Distinction) (2019)
Raw Nutritionist Certification (Online) (Distinction) (2020)
Vegan Nutritionist Certification (Online) Ongoing – expected completion 2020
Applying Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice (AFMCP) Certification (IFM) (2019)
DNAlife Genetics Testing and Nutrigenomics Certification (Nordic Laboratories) (2019)
Diploma Anatomy, Physiology & Massage (ITEC UK) (Credit) (2000)
Cert IV Aromatherapy (TAFE NSW) (Distinction & Academic Award) (2003)
Certificate in Indian Head Massage (ITEC UK) (Credit) (2001)

Additional skills/knowledge of relevance:
• VLA (Vitality, Longevity & Healthy Ageing) Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) Certification (2012) / VLA Quadscan BIA Certification (2015), Metagenics Australia
• Hemaview – Live Blood/Darkfield Microscopy Certification (2014), Metagenics Australia
• Acupuncture Neurophysiology & Advanced Research Methodology (Masters degree modules) (RMIT) (2012)
• Senior First Aid Certificate & CPR (Current)

Mind (Mental/Emotional)

Graduate Diploma in Arts Psychotherapy (IKON) (2017)
Professional Meditation Facilitator (Teaching) Certification (NCC) (2004)
Nutrition Psychology Certification (Cadence Health) (2013)
Wellness Coaching Certification (WCA) (2013)
Life Coaching Certification (Transformation Academy) – Current – expected completion 2020
Mindfulness Practitioner Certification (Level 1-3, Master) (Academy of Modern Applied Psychology) (2019)

Additional skills/knowledge of relevance:
• EFT Certification (Emotional Freedom Technique/Meridian Tapping) (2018)

Spirit (Subtle Anatomy/Energetic/Transpersonal)

Reiki Master Teacher Certification (NCC) (2005)
• Reiki Degree: Level 1 & 2 (Reiki School UK) (1997)
• Advanced Energy Healing Certification** Level 1 & 2 (Dr Mikio Sankey PhD, L.Ac) (2012) (**esoteric acu/chakra puncture/sacred geometry)
Diploma Energetic (Holistic) Kinesiology (ICPKP) (2013)
• Cert IV Energetic (Holistic) Kinesiology (ICPKP) (2010)
Spiritual Life Coaching Diploma (Online) (Distinction) (2020)

Additional skills/knowledge of relevance:
• Transpersonal Art Therapy modules – Symbols, Dreamwork, Myth/Ritual, Visionary practice & Shamanic approaches (Phoenix Institute of Australia) (2013)
• Transformational Kinesiology (Foundation Certification) (2013)
• Traditional Chinese Medicine Foundational Theory (Masters degree module) (RMIT) (2012)


Most Outstanding Graduating Student Award (SSNT BHSc 2011)
Australian Natural Therapists Association Prizewinner (SSNT BHSc 2011)
Excellence in Naturopathic Clinical Practice Achievement Award (SSNT BHSc 2011)
Metagenics Prizewinner (SSNT BHSc 2011)
Academic Award for Achievement (TAFE NSW, Cert IV Aromatherapy, 2003)

Professional Association Memberships

NHAA (Naturopaths & Herbalists Association of Australia) – Practicing Professional Member

My Influences

The lens though which I view my world

Herbs and spices


I am currently available to work with clients in Hong Kong. Read more about my areas of practice and services available here.

Writing & Editing

My other area of specialty and platform to share my knowledge is via writing and editing. See examples of my portfolio and experience here.