Writing & Editing

Whilst I have spent much of my career utilising my skills as a natural health practitioner, in more recent years I have become equally committed to the creative art of writing. What began as a platform to share my knowledge with others via my blog has since progressed into both professional and consumer education.

Now, with several years’ experience as an Editorial Supervisor in complementary medicine, in addition to freelance work, I have worked on a broad range of projects with varying tones and requirements.

Areas I can contribute include copywriting and content creation, content (substantive) editing, copyediting and proofreading — particularly on the topics of health and wellbeing.

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Writing Portfolio

With a broad knowledge of the health and wellbeing industry and a passion for accurate and informative written communication, I can help you with content creation. Whilst my personal writing style is conversational and great for blogging, I also have experience with more formal tones.

Here are a few of my published written articles for reference:

Sassy Mama HK – How to boost your immunity during the Hong Kong winter season

Sassy Mama HK – Seasonal Influenza: Here’s what you need to know

South China Morning Post – 8 ways to avoid catching the flu, from wearing a face mask to getting enough sleep

Metagenics ANZ blog – The mind-gut connection is real

Metagenics Update Magazine  – Food For Thought

I curate my personal blog here and have also created a publication on Medium called Source Wellbeing Consciously to share my articles with a wider global audience.

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Editing Experience

My several years of editing experience has given me a proven track record for detail, and the opportunity to fine-tune a wide variety of items ranging from social media posts, blogs, seminar invites, educational seminars, web copy, technical and scientific/medical documents, and much more.

Editing services include content (substantive) editing, copyediting and proofreading.

 Note: I am currently editing online educational course documents for a UK provider. Each course ranges from 150-700 pages.

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Editing Examples

Metagenics Update Magazine

In print & available as a download, 6 editions per year, ~24 pages.

Copyeditited and final proofreading of  entire document prior to print.

Contents include 4 articles individually planned, assigned, copyedited and proofread.

Plus 3-4 other author articles seperately copyedited and proofread

Metagenics Wellness Review

Monthly consumer targetted e-newsletter and download.

Assigned, copyedited and proofread.


Metagenics Patient Booklet Series (1 of 6)

Printed and available to download, 24-32 pages

Content development, assigned, substantive editing, copyediting, proofread, image design development

Accompanied by double-sided product related insert


Metagenics Patient Booklet – Stress Less Program 

Printed and downloadable, 24-32 pages

Content redevelopment, assigned, substantive editing, copyediting, proofread, image design development

Accompanied by double-sided product related insert

Example page.


Metagenics Technical Data Sheet

Downloadable practioner resource, 6-12 pages each

Ongoing project to carry out literature reviews and updates of 250+ existing documents, plus new document creation onto updated template format.

Assigned, substantive editing, copyediting, proofread. Image design development.

Editorial supervision of approx 75-80 items 


Metagenics Infographics (1 of 10)

Printed, double-sided practitioner resource. Insert for bi-monthly magazine and available as a download.

Assigned, image design development, substantive editing, copyediting, proofread.


Professional Seminar Executive Summary

Printed and downloadable, 3 seminars annually, 40-52 pages

Minor substantive editing. Primarily copyedited and proofread.


Metagenics Clinical Guide (1 of 2)

Printed and downloadable practitioner resource, 28-32 pages.

Concept creation, assigned, substantive editing, copyediting, proofread.